Do you want to network and connect with companies in your own field? Are there signs of work-life outside the research groups of uni? Are you willing to take a chance and possibly find the job of your dreams?

Biopsi, Bioner and Pollex welcome you to the annual Biosauna 25.10.! In this event you can network like there is no tomorrow with your fellow students and some of the top companies in the biotechnology field such as Genevia, Modulight and Blueprint Genetics. The event starts at 5 o’clock at Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky and as usual you will be presented with an opportunity to let loose and blow off some steam on the sauna benches.

After the official part you have a chance to try out the legendary Herwantapeli.

WHAT: A sauna event organized by Bioner, Biopsi and Pollex
WHEN: Wednesday 25th of October at 5 o’clock
WHERE: Teekkarisauna