Bioner has had many honorable students under its name through the years. There is a habit in the Teekkaricomminuty to honor the positive attitude, as well as the efforts and achievements for the Teekkaricommunity. The student union awards certain acknowledgments on a yearly basis, for example during the declaration of Wappu frenzy. Bioner acknowledges its commendable members also, and these awards are especially given during the yearly anniversary celebration. All commendable bioners and their awards are listed below. The years after the names mark the year in which the person has been given the acknowledgement.

honorary members

The Guild’s meeting may name a person as an honorary member, if the person has special merits regarding the Guild’s activities, or otherwise significantly contributed in the Guild’s endeavors.

Mikko Kivento – 2015

badges of merit

A badge of merit is a recognition to a studying or already graduated bioner that has merited in the Guild’s activity and proven particular devotion to the Guild.


Karim Ameziane

Sanna Kallio

Leevi Kuutti


Aarni Joensuu

Matias Jokinen

Erika Sopanen


Maria Kultanen

Katariina Loikkanen

Arno Pammo

Mari Saarinen

Ville Salomaa


Laura Kömi

Jannika Paulamäki


Henri Häsä

Tapio Peltomaa


Simo-Pekka Leppänen


Antti Hiekkanen

Anna Ylinen


Mikko Kivento

Maria Lehtivaara


Mikko Utriainen


Heidi Lahti

Laura Ylä-Outinen

paavos of the year

The Guild annually chooses a member whose actions for the Guild have set a great example. Paavo of the year is announced in the Guild’s anniversary celebration, and at the same time a reward is given by the previous Paavo of the year. The names of every Paavo of the year are embedded on the reward.

Nina Kovanen – 2020

Ella Meriläinen – 2019

Olga Teräväinen – 2018

Julius Haapakoski – 2017

Aarni Joensuu – 2016

Hanna Hassinen – 2015

Elviira Kärkkäinen – 2014

Amanda Vonk – 2013

Olli Ala-Mursula – 2012

Henri Häsä – 2011

Maria Lehtivaara – 2010