Degree Programme in Bioengineering, MSc (Tech)

The Master’s Degree Programme in Bioengineering offers you an international and multidisciplinary study environment, and an opportunity to customize the content of your programme to meet your personal goals and interests. The duration of studies is two years and is taught in English. The courses emphasize molecular biotechnology and microbiology-related topics, such as biological energy production. In addition, studies also cover the latest technologies in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, as well as their applications. For more information, visit the TUT website or email

For information about the research undertaken at the Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering, visit


Student representatives in administration, or hallopeds, are student representatives in the administrative bodies of the university. They are independent and full members of an administrative body representing all students of the university, a faculty, or a degree programme. Every member of the student union is eligible to apply for the position.

Most bodies use Finnish as an administrative language and fluent Finnish is required! English is used as an administrative language in the Degree programme planning groups.

Current hallopeds:

Sanna Kallio (Biomedical engineering faculty council, Bioengineering ja biotechnology education control group, Faculty of natural sciences first degree study program development group)

Arno Pammo (Faculty of natural sciences faculty council)

Matias Jokinen (Biomedical engineering first degree study program development group)

Paula Sajaniemi (Chemistry and bioengineering laboratory teaching development group)


For more information on hallopeds visit student union office in the Tietotalo building, or contact hallopeds directly via our halloped contact form or by email: forename.last

Academic Officer for Bioengineering students

The academic officers approve personal study plans (PSP) and offer assistance in planning your studies and in certain special cases, e.g. recognizing courses completed outside TUT to your degree or having personal study modules approved.

Contact info:

Outi Väisänen

Room: TD204

Tel: +358 40 849 0323

Office hours: Wednesday 13-14