Bioner’s board for 2019 was elected in the general meeting held on November 14th in Festia small hall 1. The meeting lasted about four hours, and about a third of the members of Bioner were present. The newly elected board consists of new as well as more experienced people.

Board members:

Chairperson: Olga Teräväinen
Secretary: Hanna Sormunen
Treasurer: Laura Reuna
Fuksi captain: Niilo Rannikko
Information responsible: Erika Seppälä
Studies responsible: Ella Meriläinen
Event managing responsible: Sara Sohkanen
Business cooperation responsible: Tara Hämeensaari
Man of the House: Pekka Lepola
Hostess: Heidi Peussa
RekoLord: Erika Sopanen

Good luck to all new board members!