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Welcome to Bioner’s alumni section. We hope that the graduates of the biotechnology
program will keep close contact with our guild. It is important to us to maintain and
strengthen relationships between former, current and future biotechnology professionals.

Our guild organizes annual meetings for alumni, where former study buddies and current
students can exchange information and remember the good old days. Our annual alumni
events include e.g. several after parties, Alumni’s Christmas lunch, as well as other alumni
events, such as Alumni parties.

Alumnis are also welcome to participate in the guild’s annual celebration. In addition, we
appreciate alumnis at study events, where graduates of our program tell current students
about their experiences of studies and work assignments. We may also contact alumnis
when we are looking for excu destinations or promoting our anniversary party.

Contact is maintained on the email list bioner-alumnit(at), which you can join for
free. This list is used to inform about upcoming alumni events and other guild events that
alumni are welcome to attend. The list can also be used to plan meetings organized by the
alumni themselves. In addition, there is also a Telegram group for lighter information, and
Bioner alumni can also be found on Facebook. Join the alumni register here.

The connection to Bioner does not end with completion. It just changes shape. As an alumni,
you are an essential part of our community, and you contribute to the enrichment of our

shared experience and knowledge. We look forward to welcoming you back and hearing
about your journey after graduation. Together, let’s continue to strengthen our connection
and create opportunities for the next generation of biotechnology professionals.