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Cooperation with Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry

Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry offers a wide variety of opportunities for company cooperation. Through company cooperation, students get the opportunity to network with companies and see future job opportunities. The most common forms of cooperation are listed below, but we are also open for new proposals!

Cooperation for companies

Company presentation

The company presentation can be organized on-site at the school’s premises, remotely or at the company’s premises in the form of an excursion. The possibilities for a company presentation are therefore almost limitless! Bioner organizes an annual Biosauna, which combines company presentations with a sauna evening. Every year, we participate in the organization of the RekryLAB trade fair, which will be next in January 2024. More information about the RekryLAB fair can be found at In addition to these events, in the fall of 2023 we will organize RekomBIOnation, which will bring together students in our field from all over Finland.

Anniversary party

Bioteekkariklita Bioner’s annual party is organized every year at the beginning of autumn. In autumn 2023, the guild will celebrate its 18th anniversary! The annual party offers an opportunity to gain interdisciplinary visibility, as many invited guests from other guilds and cities participate in the party. Various ready-made advertising packages are available for the anniversary party, but it is also easy to create a customized package for the company.


NamiAppro is an event organized in early autumn, where you go around Tampere’s coffee shops. With 1,500 participants, NamiAppro is one of Finland’s largest interdisciplinary, completely alcohol- free events. In autumn 2023, the 15th NamiAppro will be held! More about the event itself and cooperation opportunities can be found at

Student overalls, social media and guild magazine Reseptori

One of the most popular forms of cooperation is an advertising spot in our student overalls. In this case, the company’s logo is printed on the overalls of a certain year’s course and can be seen in them throughout the studies. In addition to overalls, there are places to advertise on our website and in our Reseptori guild magazine. It is also possible to gain visibility on Bioner’s social media, such as Instagram.