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Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry is a guild of Tampere University’s biotechnology and biomedical  engineering, which was founded in 2005.



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What to do before the academic year

During summer

  • Accept the offered degree position and pay the membership fee to the  student union. 

  • Find an apartment! TOAS and POAS offer affordable apartments for students. – Order a student card. By student card you may buy lunch at a student-friendly  price, print in school computer classes, and get access to school even in the  evenings! 

  • Get in touch with your tutor! They’ll help you with your arrival to Finland in  any way they can. This may include picking up your keys, picking you up from  the airport or centre, and showing you your apartment, campus and shops  near you. 

  •  Get to know your tutors by reading our fuksireseptori! 

  • Find us in social media: 

    • We have a number of different Bioner-associated groups in Facebook – it may be difficult to find the right ones, so do not hesitate to ask from  tutors or fuksicaptains!

    • Follow Bioner in Facebook and Instagram!



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